Resident Evil 9 Could Be an Open-World Game, According to a Leak

Resident Evil 9

The next mainline access inside the Resident Evil 9 collection could be an open-world sport, according to a recognised insider. The supply has a strong music report and has been proper on many early leaks such as the RE4 remake and Resident Evil Village.

However, this present day information indicates that we received a respectable declaration for the game till 2025. Hopefully this can supply Capcom time to refine the formula.

It’s set in a rural island village

Anticipation for the upcoming Resident Evil 9 is high, and details about the game are slowly rising. One of the most legit members of the leaker network, Dusk Golem, has revealed that the new sport can be set in a fictional rural island in Southeast Asia inspired via Singapore.

While Capcom has no longer confirmed the setting, previous video games have provided clues. Resident Evil 6 became set in a deserted city on an abandoned island, and the recent Resident Evil four Remake featured a village on a Spanish island. The latest rumors recommend that the new sport will be set inside the aftermath of these events.

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Several rumors have additionally advised that the subsequent Resident Evil will be the maximum bold entry in the series so far. It is rumored to have the longest development duration of any sport inside the franchise and function an open international layout similar to stablemates like Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Monster Hunter Wilds. It will also have the highest finances of any sport inside the collection.

It’s a rogue-like

There have been a lot of rumors and leaks surrounding the next entry in the Resident Evil series. Many people believed it would be a remake of RE4 but it seems that might not be the case. According to a new rumor, it will be Resident Evil 9.

A notable Capcom leaker called Dusk Golem has claimed that RE 9 will be released in January 2025. This release window makes sense considering that Capcom releases a major RE game every other year.

The game will reportedly be set in a fictional rural town on an island in the Southeast Asia Sea, drawing inspiration from Singapore. It is also said to feature a brand-new protagonist named Rose, who will have special powers. Much like Ethan Winters in RE Village, she has regenerative abilities that allow her to keep on ticking after being cut up and shot. The rumors also suggest that the game will focus more on puzzles, which have been neglected in recent entries in the franchise.

It’s a survival horror

For a long time, Capcom hasn’t released a mainline Resident Evil game outside of remakes. With Resident Evil 9 now in the works, rumors are swirling that it will be an open-world survival horror game. The rumor comes from a reliable source known as Dust Golem who has a track record of leaking news.

The series has been a fan-favorite for decades because of its unique blend of action, puzzles, and atmospheric dread. Although the games are tied together by the Umbrella Corporation, deadly viruses, and various terrifying enemies, each entry in the franchise offers a fresh take on the genre.

The latest rumor claims that the development of Resident Evil 9 is on schedule, and it will be released in January 2025. This is consistent with the company’s release cadence for other major titles. In addition, the rumor states that the game will be set in a fictional rural town on an island in the Southeast Asia Sea that draws inspiration from Singapore.

It’s a sequel

The Resident Evil franchise is one of Capcom’s most iconic games and a pioneer of the survival horror genre. Its popularity has earned it a dedicated following, and fans are always eager to see what new adventures the series will bring them.

The last mainline game in the saga was Resident Evil Village, which launched nearly three years ago. Since then, speculation about the next installment has been running wild. Rumors about its release date, plot, and gameplay have been flying around.

Some rumors indicate that the protagonist in the new game will be Leon S. Kennedy, but others suggest that the story will be a prequel. If this is true, then the game will be set in the prologue of RE8, meaning that Leon will be 47 years old by the time the story begins. This is not unusual for the franchise, but it may be a bit disappointing to some fans. Nevertheless, the story is sure to be interesting.

Conclusion: Is Resident Evil 9 worth the hype?

As we eagerly anticipate the release of Resident Evil 9, it is clear that the hype surrounding this highly anticipated game is justified. With its rich history, exciting gameplay mechanics, and engaging storylines, the Resident Evil franchise has captivated fans for decades.

In conclusion: Based on everything we know about Resident Evil 9 so far, it seems clear that this game is indeed worth all the hype. So gear up your consoles or PCs because an unforgettable journey into survival horror awaits you in Resident Evil 9!

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