5 Ways to Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinet Hardware


You need to understand how critical the cabinet hardware is when redeveloping your kitchen. The correct way of boosting the vibe and appearance of the kitchen is by starting with knobs and handles down to the hinges and latches. You have to make the best decision as you assemble the hardware that you have chosen. However, when not clear about making a perfect choice of kitchen cabinet hardware, then this guide may help you.

1. Find your perfect style

You should know what style is suitable for your kitchen when choosing a kitchen cabinet or what the recent trend is, be it rustic, industrial, or even a fusion of some styles. If it happens to be a modern kitchen, then hardware with clean lines and a metal finish—in stainless steel or chrome, for example—works well. At the same time, in a classic or rustic kitchen, an ornate design would do well.

2. Use pulls, knobs, or latches

Depending on your kitchen style, you will want to determine your handle preferences. Typically, people choose pulls or handles because they’re easy to grip, and there are a lot of styles and finishes to choose from. If you’re looking for a variation to add visual interest, then opt for knobs, which work perfectly in classic-style kitchens. They can be very ornate and are found in various materials. Finally, you want to make bold statements by picking bold and truthful latches in form, size, and design. They will perfect the look of kitchens inspired by industrials and rustics.

 3. Size-perfect hardware

If your kitchen cabinet doors are small, attach small hardware. They’re big, so you might want to go in for more giant sized hardware. But, if you opt for a small piece of hardware based on the space availability, it might turn out like a mismatched design. Go for the hardware selection rules that say the pieces must be a third of the size of the cabinet or drawer. You could also attach two pieces of hardware or knobs to create some balance in appearance or different kinds of hardware to add a bit of integrity to the kitchen. 

4. Select your material

You are also too careful about the selection of material for the kitchen cabinet as it should not break, and once purchased, it should not be expensive. You can use hardware material of stainless steel, brass, copper, ceramic, or pewter to achieve a traditional look. In modern solid wood kitchen cabinets, you can have different shapes, styles, and colors.

5. Select the color and finish

Attach kitchen cabinet hardware, then select complementary colors that suit your cabinet. In case you have stainless steel or white appliances, then go for a grey finish for the handles and knobs, or you can also go for bronze material to create a warm atmosphere. If you want to add some class and polish to the finish, consider brass or nickel hardware that gives a classic look to a kitchen; use stainless steel or chrome for modernity. 


 Trends have been outstanding this year. Gold is the hottest-selling hardware for kitchen cabinetry. You can do brightly painted metal and ceramic handle statements, but remember that with Parlunbuilding, you’ll ensure that comfort and flexible ability come together to create a functional and exciting kitchen cabinetry design.

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